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    Welcome to AFFP! This website is an open forum for political discussions regarding the United States of America as it pertains to the Constitution. This is an extremely dangerous time for our country because we are experiencing so much misinformation through the media as well as from both political parties. Our freedoms are in danger like they have never been before. This is a time in our history when it is of the upmost importance for us to fully understand the Constitution and the protections it provides for every American.

    Regrettably, we can not trust what Congress, the Supreme Court, the media, or even the President tells us. We need to fully know our rights and the foundational laws of our country better than they do; It is our job as Americans and the full intent of our Founding Fathers. The Constitution was written to protect the people from the constraints of a corrupt government. Please join the cause and work with us to spread the undeniable facts upheld by the Constitution of the United States. If you wish to introduce yourself, please do so here. We look forward to seeing you inside.
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